Wenjing Ma

The Cheaters

A storytelling game where players make up stories with their cards.


Designed & Produced by: Yuxin Gao, Mary Georgescu, Rachel Li, Jin Wu, Wenjing Ma

The Cheaters is a narrative game inspired by “Into the fog”, a poem written by Jeremy Sigler.

Into the fog. Away from earlier. It was Thanksgiving. The city was so empty. Trains were rolling out in all directions. Like leather belts. Airplanes were packed in a convoy. Along the single lane of sky. Nose to tail. Nose to tail.
The bartender kept topping me off. I asked Brooke if any Greek Philosopher had ever spoken about planting seeds in the minds of married women. I insisted to Brooke that she let me pay the bill and that she wait for me out front. I was tired of the rushing street corner. The goodbye. The scene where we embrace. And I feel her hand gently pat my back. Goodnight. As if to say: little boy.
— My Vibe by Jeremy Sigle

The Cheaters is a game where players act as cheaters who got caught by the spouse at the scene and need to explain their way out of the awkwardness. Not only do they need to explain why they are there in weird positions, but also do they explain the sexual/strange items they possess. It is suitable for adult players only.
There are a lot of games with sexual contents in the market nowadays, but many of them are heavily male-centric, and contain inappropriate jokes towards the disables and the minorities. We want to make a fun but non-offensive game, so we were very careful about the word choice. We purposely chose gender-neutral name for all characters, and we also considered if any of the words specifically encourage improper languages.