Wenjing Ma
Future Generation Pokemon.JPG

Future Pokémon

A study of future generation Pokémon


The desire to design my own Pokémon started when I was eight. Back then I used to carry a sketchbook with me everywhere filled with doodles of living creature-inspired Pokémons. The designers of Pokémon also took nature as their inspiration. For this project, I did research on previous generations of Pokémon, and extracted the elements that marks their visual style and color palette. I also did research on extinct creatures, abyssal animals and even myth. Shan Hai Jing (山海经) is a Chinese classic text with detailed descriptions of mythical creatures, which is a treasure map for this project. I viewed my Pokémons as actual living beings, so I also consider questions such as How will they interact with the surrounding environment? Are they aggressive towards invaders? What are their personalities?

This project was created during the Summer Program in Rhode Island School of Design, 2017.

Future Generation Pokemon.JPG